Sunday, 5 August 2018

Craster via Rumbling Kern

Eight of us set off in two cars and arrived at Craster car park. The forecast was for an overcast day but once again we confounded expectations and had a  sunny and pleasantly warm outing. Some of us did not bring our sun cream though.

Instead of the traditional route to Dunstanburgh we headed off along a path behind the car park to fields adjacent to the old quarry.
Those trees look interesting.
Here we are (apart from me -and Terry who was on the phone)
We gathered around a trig point with splendid views- Dunstanbrough castle, the Cheviots and this.

This cow was serene in its very own muck heap but moved on when it drew a crowd.

Lunch was at idyllic Rumbling Kern. Mary sought the shade

There was not a lot of rumbling as the tide was out!
Approaching Craster along the St Oswalds way

Checking out Anne's holiday snaps at the pub afterwards!

A super walk- thanks to John & Marie. Next blog entry will be our weekend away at Saltburn!

Saturday, 14 July 2018


With folks on holiday or with other commitments just five of us enjoyed a five mile stroll in perfect summer weather. Starting at the car park near Prudhoe station we crossed the bridge into Ovingham and past the church to join a footpath that took us to Ovington village past fields of corn, barley and oil seed rape.
From Ovington we turned north-east and found these blue flowers - species unknown but if anyone wants to leave a comment about them please feel free.
Then we entered the Whittle Dene which provided some welcome shade. This is a wooded gorge with a small river (a Burn in these parts) coming down from the reservoir on the other side of the military road. Well worth a visit when the leaves turn brown.

After a gentle climb we emerged from the woods and crossed the A69
A peaceful spot was found to have our lunch. That's Ann in red keeping cool

These butterflies were feeding off salt by the stream (so I am told)

We then backtracked for a bit and walked down the Whittle Dene back to Ovingham passing some charming holiday? lodges in the woods. Refreshments were had at the Swan in Ovingham and this snap by Ann fairly sums up our mood after a not too strenuous but varied walk. Worth doing again in the autumn perhaps?

Saturday, 16 June 2018

To Wylam and back

A very short post this month. Only four of us were able to make it for the Stella to Wylam loop. The  forecast looked grim but we ended up having a pleasant stroll with only a brief shower. I think we have now had well over a year of walks without bad weather! Marion kindly provided tea and cake  on the way back. Just a 'selfie' this time - please forgive my shaky hand!

No date yet for the July walk.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

South of Corbridge

This month we went a little further than recent walks and enjoyed a sunny 6 miles starting at the car park close to Corbridge Railway Station.
 John & Marie were our leaders today. They had done the walk a few years back but could they remember the way?

 There were a few climbs. This was up to the top of Prospect hill with a fine view of Corbridge.

Marie knows the way

 Lunch amongst the nettles with Hawthorn blossom for shade. What more could you ask for?
 Jackson after eating half a pork pie.
 Walking down from Ladycutters Lane- having passed some absolutely gorgeous cottages/houses.

Some friends from another parish walking group who joined us today. We stopped at the Dyvels Inn on station road en route to the car park.
Sorry that there are not as many pics as I would have liked - there were a few 'rejects'- but I think you get the idea that we had a fine day with the countryside looking at its best. Next walk June 16th.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Blaydon Burn

This month we had a walk through peaceful woodlands where collieries and smoky factories once stood. The weather was perfect and the trees were just turning green again. Surely winter is over at last!

First we set off through Addison woods. Addison colliery village was demolished in 1958 and hardly a trace survives. The pit itself was closed in 1963. Addison colliery was used for the first attempt at telephone communication from underground to the surface. Graham Bell (the inventor of the telephone) went down the pit and sang 'God save the Queen' which was relayed to an audience in the Hedgefield hotel.

These two vistas show the landscaping that is taking place at the Path Head landfill site.

Here's us  around what are called the Bewes hills near Stargate. A few moments before a deer was spotted coming out of yonder  woods.

These are not in sequence- Houses at Crookhill made of the characteristic cream brick common in this area. Presumably it came from the brickworks which were located on the open land adjacent to Pumphreys coffee factory.
Eventually we got on to Blaydon Burn which is a delightful and quiet walk within a wooded gorge. There are many brick structures that are the remnants of many factories that lined the route.

A coal drop for Bessie Pit

Lunch by the babbling Blaydon burn. Things were not always so nice - I found this picture from the 1970s on the interweb..
The walk even included a waterfall..

Finally we had some much needed refreshments at the Black Bull nr Blaydon. Jackson needed a lie down..

Next walk is a bit further afield (Corbridge) on May 26th.

Saturday, 24 March 2018


The blog is back after a short hiatus. We no longer have the minibus so a more local walk starting at Stella seemed appropriate. There is a phenomenon called the 'Stella strollers effect' whereby good weather usually falls on a Saturday when we have a walk. Today was a spectacular example and a real tonic after the miserable spring weather we have had so far. We set off from the Board Inn and made our way to Newburn...

A good view but Mary and Marie had much to discuss. 

 An unusual view of Newburn. I could have tried to remove those branches on the computer but life is too short!

Wylam brewery was closed so we made use of their facilities for elevenses 

 This one is out of sequence. A calm morning on the Tyne as the Rowing club gets ready for a Regatta (I am not sure if that is the right term- a boat race?)
 We went through several Dene's and country parks.Folks were obviously Enjoying themselves. Shortly after this snap I tried to get into the 'Devils Seat' in Wallbottle Dene but was prevented in carrying out this dodgy enterprise by some slimy rocks.

Jackson did what dogs do 
A handsome fellow (and me)  snapped by Andrea 
After a well earned drink or two at the Keelman we settled on April 21 for the next walk - possibilities are being investigated!
PS If you want to post a comment please feel free. Although you have to give your e-mail address this is to prevent spammers and it never appears on the site.