Saturday, 11 April 2020

Happier times

Some pics from previous strolls to remind you of all the fun we have had in recent years and I am sure we will have again before too soon

Here are a few from the 2016 Lake district weekend away. You will not have seen these as I did not start blogging until later that summer. I really enjoyed this weekend but have not  returned to the Lakes since!

Many a dinner has been had - here are some photos from Petros courtesy of Anne's smartphone

See if you can guess which trips these photos were from. Answers can be found by scrolling through previous blog entries.

And out of interest here are a couple of  pics from Katies birthday party in 2016 (shared with Michael)

Saturday, 29 February 2020

Seaton Sluice & Holywell Dene

Our leap year day walk set off from Seaton Sluice and after a bit of roadside strolling past Seaton Delaval hall we hit the extra muddy track to Holywell village. Unfortunately the blogger forgot his camera this time so these pics are by Terry.

The weather could have been a lot worse.

They are kind to birds around these parts - there were hides, viewing holes (above) and feeding stations aplenty.

And here we are feasting amongst the trees in Holywell Dene. Someone from Marys Choir walked past a few minutes later.

It was quite sheltered which might explain this early display of daffodils. After 5 miles we returned to Seaton Sluice for drinks and a roaring fire at the Kings Head. The sun was still shining so we took a short walk along the beach back to the car park and home. A pleasant way to say goodbye to  winter if you follow the met office and call 1 March the start of spring.

Next walk is April 4th (venue to be announced).

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Hexham + St John Lee

February began with a breezy ramble starting at the riverside park in Hexham. Many of us remember this park from the days of our bank holiday parish outings - games of rounders and hockey included.

There was a bit of road walking at the start.

Pink/red was the theme this month.

Or was it blue/mauve?

We cancelled this walk back in November because of heavy rain. Surely it would have have dried out by now!

Snowdrops -always a welcome sight

This is the church of St John of Beverley at Acomb. He was an Anglo-Saxon bishop of Hexham who went on to become bishop of York and founded the Charming town of Beverley near Hull.

After climbing a hill we lunched in ferocious winds but enjoyed fine views. Note that the house is not belching white smoke- it is the factory in Hexham below.

Can you see the Tyne twisting its way along the valley?

Here are the obligatory lunch portraits.

Ken lost his crisps in a gush of wind moments later..

We descended into Hexham and headed off to Riding Mill for a drink...

Sorry about the fuzziness Marion - I should not try taking pics after drinking pale ale!

So there we are. Next walk is Seaton Sluice + Holywell Dene on Feb 29th - which may end up being the March walk as it would have been in March if this were not a leap year!

Saturday, 4 January 2020

Whitburn and the coast

It's been a while what with the November walk cancelled due to rain and no December walk. However a good crowd set out on the now traditional New year walk from Whitburn. It was a harsh wind that blew in from the North Sea but at least it was sunny and dry.

Any fuzziness in these pics is down to the wind and not the photographer.

Whitburn is famed for for its windmills.

A vision of wooly hats.

Over lunch we admired the deep blue sea at Marsden.

Any mince pies left?

The wind calmed down a bit as we made our way along the coast

Afterward we adjourned to the Sand Dancer in S.Shields. So that is 2020 off to a bracing start. Our new year meal is next Saturday so looking forward to that- details of next walk to be be announced.

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Embleton & the coast

Your usual blogger was busy today and could not join in. John is your guest blogger this month - all pics and words below are his. Many thanks.

1.  Getting ready to set off from Embleton and appreciating yet another timely break in the weather for Stella Strollers

2. Navigating our way over a muddy field.

3. Our first glimpse of the atmospheric Dunstanburgh Castle. 

4. Anne leading the way down the steps to the beach

5. Closely followed by Sandra

6. Mary and Peter deep in conversation

7. Striding out along the beach

8. A homage to Les who always spots unusual subjects

9. A wonderful spot for lunch with an enchanting view of the sea

10. Marie taking a rest on the last stile.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Churches together

This month we did something different and had a sponsored round trip from Newburn to Wylam to raise funds for placing a Christmas advert in the local magazine. Unfortunately your blogger forgot to bring his camera this time! We (11 + dog) had a great walk in autumn sunshine and finished up at the Keelmans pub.
The next walk is on October 5th (Embleton to Craster). I am unlikely to be available so I may ask someone to be a guest blogger!

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Happy Valley

After a week of wet and cloud we enjoyed a delightful summer day in the Cheviots although the clouds obscured the Cheviot itself at the start.

The recent downpours made for a muddy walk but Mary was in the lead at the start..

A lot of fine views were had...

After a bit of climbing and muddiness we had lunch on a ruined barn wall and watched the butterflies fluttering over the meadow- perfect!

It was then time to descend to the valley floor

A lichen encrusted seat

Apart from the muddy bits this was certainly a 'happy' valley. Thanks to John & Marie who led us today and did the walk before sometime in the 20th century! Things had not changed too much. Afterwards we stopped for refreshments just outside Wooler.
The next walk on Sept 14th is going to be different from our usual Saturday outings- the plan is to get together with other Churches on a fund raising walk so keep a look out for notices. There is also a Monday walk planned for 12th August starting from Stella (Fred has agreed to lead it).