Saturday, 24 March 2018


The blog is back after a short hiatus. We no longer have the minibus so a more local walk starting at Stella seemed appropriate. There is a phenomenon called the 'Stella strollers effect' whereby good weather usually falls on a Saturday when we have a walk. Today was a spectacular example and a real tonic after the miserable spring weather we have had so far. We set off from the Board Inn and made our way to Newburn...

A good view but Mary and Marie had much to discuss. 

 An unusual view of Newburn. I could have tried to remove those branches on the computer but life is too short!

Wylam brewery was closed so we made use of their facilities for elevenses 

 This one is out of sequence. A calm morning on the Tyne as the Rowing club gets ready for a Regatta (I am not sure if that is the right term- a boat race?)
 We went through several Dene's and country parks.Folks were obviously Enjoying themselves. Shortly after this snap I tried to get into the 'Devils Seat' in Wallbottle Dene but was prevented in carrying out this dodgy enterprise by some slimy rocks.

Jackson did what dogs do 
A handsome fellow (and me)  snapped by Andrea 
After a well earned drink or two at the Keelman we settled on April 21 for the next walk - possibilities are being investigated!
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