Monday, 24 October 2016

Annual dinner

This is where we ditch our waterproofs and muddy boots and get smartened up. Yes its the third annual autumn dinner. Stella strollers began with a walk around Hulne Park  (Alnwick) in September 2013 and what a lot of fun we have had since!
Being someone who probably gives out a lot of certificates, Andrea got one of her own - well done!

The dinner was at the South Causey Inn near Tanfield. Your high society photographer took some snaps but if you want any taken off just let me know!

This is Marie telling it how it is.

At the other end of the table...

Who is this distinguished looking gent?

Kathleen says cheers...

Marion, Ann and..... how did I end up in that picture?

A good night was had. If I get any more pictures I will post them up.
The next walk is on November 19th. I don't know of the location but the list will be put out soon I am sure.

Saturday, 22 October 2016


This was a  change to the earlier idea of walking to Hareshaw Lynn waterfall (that was too short to be a proper walk). John led us on a route through woods and moorland around Bellingham instead.
Marie thinks its that way 
After a bit of road walking we entered the woods...
This looked like a set from the Hobbit films.

That's not a cricket ball - it is a Fly Agaric

Some classy looking sheep...

The weather was definitely autumnal and as often happens it started drizzling as we ate lunch. However, some of us got warmed up when Peter started offering rum and gingerbread biscuits!

Things brightened up toward the end

St Cuthbert's Bellingham is an interesting church. It appears to have a lively parish community It also has a vaulted stone slate roof- the only one in the country I am told (by Marie). 

In the churchyard is the Lang Pack..

This was an 18th century Trojan horse that went wrong.This Northumberland folk tale is described here .

The Black Bull pub was closed so we went to the Rose and Crown and then home to rest and get ready for the annual dinner tonight (report to follow).

Thanks to John for guiding us and  Andrea for driving us as always.