Sunday, 7 May 2017

Bellister woods

A year on we repeated one of the best of our walks. I am not sure I can trace this route on my OS map but here is what I think we did (you can correct me by posting a comment).

We parked at Park Burnfoot near the camp site just south of Haltwhistle. The path went through bluebell woods;

Marie might have better shots than these!

The weather was dull in the east but brightened up as we headed over and  as the day went on.
Bellister castle is owned by the National Trust but is a private residence for paying tenants. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a minstrel who met a gruesome death.

Out of the woods it was a bit of a climb..

and then down toward the old railway track (now the South Tyne trail)

Then it was another climb up to Broom house common

And then down to the Park Burn..

This must be a strong contender for the 'best picnic spot on a strollers trip' award.

 Time to work off that lunch!

The way back up from the picnic spot was different from  last time. I just happen to have a photo from last year...

At a farmhouse we were greeted enthusiastically by these lambs. They must be orphans for whom people = dinner!

They don't make bus shelters like this anymore! 

It was decided that the minibus was a better option as there has probably not been a bus stopping here this century. A drink  in Haltwhistle was had on the way back and we returned to cloudy Stella.

Next walk is June 17th - I will be bringing some cake to share!