Saturday, 26 May 2018

South of Corbridge

This month we went a little further than recent walks and enjoyed a sunny 6 miles starting at the car park close to Corbridge Railway Station.
 John & Marie were our leaders today. They had done the walk a few years back but could they remember the way?

 There were a few climbs. This was up to the top of Prospect hill with a fine view of Corbridge.

Marie knows the way

 Lunch amongst the nettles with Hawthorn blossom for shade. What more could you ask for?
 Jackson after eating half a pork pie.
 Walking down from Ladycutters Lane- having passed some absolutely gorgeous cottages/houses.

Some friends from another parish walking group who joined us today. We stopped at the Dyvels Inn on station road en route to the car park.
Sorry that there are not as many pics as I would have liked - there were a few 'rejects'- but I think you get the idea that we had a fine day with the countryside looking at its best. Next walk June 16th.