Saturday, 6 January 2018

Embleton & Craster

Earlier technical problems sorted after help from Katie, my tech-savvy wife. These were pet sheep  near Embleton that followed us last year.

Heavy rain the day before. We were in the 'clarts' here and there.

More sheeps.

Near Craster we had a go at team building by trying to negotiate a high wall.

The plan was to have out lunch in Craster whilst looking at the harbour. Unfortunately a hailstorm resulted in us fleeing for shelter. Jackson is wondering if there is any more pie in my lunchbox.

Some stayed in a warm pub in Craster  whilst the rest  continued the circular walk back to Embleton. Time for some classic photos of the coast. Surprisingly there was not as much sea foam as in a previous walk despite the strong winds.

Yes there were people running.

John admiring the view.

We had a pleasant drink at the Greys Inn in Embleton by a blazing fire. Andrea collected the Craster group and we left somewhat exhausted (at least I was).

The next walk is Feb 17th at Durham. Whether we will still have use of the mini-bus is uncertain but we will get there!