Saturday, 19 November 2016

Blanchland Moor in the snow

We arrived in Blanchland Forest on a crisp and icy morning for a 4.5 mile walk although there was some debate about this afterward with 8.5 miles being recorded by some fancy device (could that have been km?)

 Anne and Mary showed us what attire is on trend for the coming winter

And so we set off.

Blanchland moor had a good covering of snow but fortunately the wind kept down. Having said that, something blew in front of the lens below!

Jackson led the way

Pennypie house is amongst the trees left of centre. This is where Lead miners used to go to get a pie (for a penny)

It often starts to rain when we stop for lunch. This time it sleeted on us but it turned out nice again as we started to pack up.

Some sheeps

It got a bit rough underfoot towards the end

This might make a country retreat for someone

Time for a breather

Did we leave someone behind?

It was agreed that this had been a grand walk. Thanks to Andrea for leading it. We stopped off at the Slayley arms on the way back to warm up.

Next walk is Dec 10th (and our Christmas meal)