Sunday, 19 August 2018

Return to Saltburn

For our annual weekend away we returned to the Brockley hall hotel which once again was an excellent choice.

After refreshments at the hotel we set off on the same cliff top walk as last year...
 Try beating that view....
 This was a metal sculpture probably using machinery from a nearby mine pumping station

 Walking toward said pumping station...

At mass the priest announced the presence of some walkers from Blaydon. Back at the hotel dinner awaited....

Ken and his crazy cushion

Andrea's sister joined us

much putting world to rights...

 A reminder that gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins

 On Sunday we walked along the beach.  On the pier the local knitters were displaying their work on a literary theme. See if you can work these out...

 Once again the weather did us proud.

 On the funicular train up the hill

A lovely weekend at a gentle pace (a lot of us not being in peak physical condition). Next year we have agreed to go somewhere else but I am sure we will miss Saltburn.
Next walk September 1st.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Craster via Rumbling Kern

Eight of us set off in two cars and arrived at Craster car park. The forecast was for an overcast day but once again we confounded expectations and had a  sunny and pleasantly warm outing. Some of us did not bring our sun cream though.

Instead of the traditional route to Dunstanburgh we headed off along a path behind the car park to fields adjacent to the old quarry.
Those trees look interesting.
Here we are (apart from me -and Terry who was on the phone)
We gathered around a trig point with splendid views- Dunstanbrough castle, the Cheviots and this.

This cow was serene in its very own muck heap but moved on when it drew a crowd.

Lunch was at idyllic Rumbling Kern. Mary sought the shade

There was not a lot of rumbling as the tide was out!
Approaching Craster along the St Oswalds way

Checking out Anne's holiday snaps at the pub afterwards!

A super walk- thanks to John & Marie. Next blog entry will be our weekend away at Saltburn!