Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Welcome Stella Strollers and friends to the first of what will hopefully be a report of our various excursions.
This month we had a break from the usual trips but a few of us arranged a day out that was somewhat further afield. Andrea, Phillip, Mary, Ken and myself took the minibus over the Pennines to Dufton. On the way we took the scenic route which needed a little imagination due to the thick fog. As we entered Cumbria the mist suddenly cleared and summer arrived!

After a couple of false starts we got on to the Pennine Way making a steady climb  towards High Cup Nick.

I forgot to mention that we had two other walkers - Zak the Collie (see above) and Jackson.

Note the sunshine. Not often seen on the Pennine Way I am told!
Yes it was a steady climb. That hill in the background is called Dufton Pike.
We had a stop and I took a portrait of this handsome fellow...
Climbing over and time for lunch. Blowy up there!
On to High Cup Nick which is a glaciated valley and some of the best views on the Pennines.

Some folk on the valley floor. Not sure how they got down there!

One last view before turning back.

This was a 'there and back' walk of ~ 7 miles. There is a longer circular route  but if we did that we would  have missed  afternoon tea at the village post office in Dufton (sorry no photos of that event).

It was more strenuous than the usual Strollers walk but the weather and the fine views made for a great day out.

Next walk is September 10th.