Saturday, 17 June 2017

Barnard Castle

The sun really had its hat on and so did Stella Strollers for our walk along the banks of the river Tees.
Before we got going we had a vote about whether we should go the coast and benefit from the cool breeze but the consensus was that we  stuck to the original plan. As it turned out there was a lot of shade so no one got heatstroke.

Dennis getting the classic view...

One of the better picnic spots.

Marie telling Dennis about her latest trip..

With temperatures around 24 degrees it was important to keep drinking

Panoramic view taken by Andrea

A field of wheat

Some tricky stiles to negotiate

And some tricky cattle grids

So tricky that Jackson needed a helping hand

There were some fine hats on display this time

A sit down at the end. The lady next to Ken was obviously suffering from the hot sun.

We then enjoyed a drink at the three horseshoes and some of us had ice creams and even did some shopping in the various junk shops.Thanks to John & Marie for a superb walk, Andrea for driving us a long way and Katie for providing cake.

Next outing- the weekend away in Saltburn.