Saturday, 11 February 2017

Hulne park in the rain

February was a return trip to do what was our very first Strollers walk - Hulne Park near Alnwick. Unlike that inaugural outing the weather today was cold and wet. Despite this we had an enjoyable day out.  I hope you will forgive the quantity and quality of the pictures- the conditions were a little trying!

Watch out for those puddles.

A shepherds hut (note the wheels). These are all the rage at the moment.

A stiff climb up to the ruins of Hulne priory for a picnic and then.....
well that's us told!

Some got a seat.....
...others had to stand

 This is either the Eglingham burn or the river Aln. Whichever it was it was quite busy.

Sadly Jackson had to stay at home as doggies are not allowed in the Park.

The next walk is on March 25th around Durham - a gentle woodland and riverside walk of just under 6 miles. Yours truly is leading it and will try to arrange some glorious spring weather!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Craster & Embleton

After a hiatus which included Christmas dinner at the Skiff Inn the blog resumes. Yours truly missed the first walk of the year but here are some pictures and text courtesy of John.

Apologies to John- The first picture of Andrea is meant to come at the end but the blogging software insists it be the first!

Andrea reflects on another wonderful walk while Jackson wonders what happened to his pork pie today?

Our first walk of 2017, at the beginning of January, was one of our favourites – a circular out of Craster and up past Dunstanburgh Castle.

Karen enjoyed her first walk with Stella Strollers

Tables turned- the photographers photographed! The castle is always a dramatic backdrop to this walk – whether shrouded in mist or a beautiful blue sky like this.

We enjoyed a picnic at Embleton

As we entered a field we were surprised when a couple of sheep tried to join us in our walk! Not normal behaviour for sheep- hand-reared orphan lambs perhaps ?

They tried to get Ken to adopt them!