Saturday, 21 April 2018

Blaydon Burn

This month we had a walk through peaceful woodlands where collieries and smoky factories once stood. The weather was perfect and the trees were just turning green again. Surely winter is over at last!

First we set off through Addison woods. Addison colliery village was demolished in 1958 and hardly a trace survives. The pit itself was closed in 1963. Addison colliery was used for the first attempt at telephone communication from underground to the surface. Graham Bell (the inventor of the telephone) went down the pit and sang 'God save the Queen' which was relayed to an audience in the Hedgefield hotel.

These two vistas show the landscaping that is taking place at the Path Head landfill site.

Here's us  around what are called the Bewes hills near Stargate. A few moments before a deer was spotted coming out of yonder  woods.

These are not in sequence- Houses at Crookhill made of the characteristic cream brick common in this area. Presumably it came from the brickworks which were located on the open land adjacent to Pumphreys coffee factory.
Eventually we got on to Blaydon Burn which is a delightful and quiet walk within a wooded gorge. There are many brick structures that are the remnants of many factories that lined the route.

A coal drop for Bessie Pit

Lunch by the babbling Blaydon burn. Things were not always so nice - I found this picture from the 1970s on the interweb..
The walk even included a waterfall..

Finally we had some much needed refreshments at the Black Bull nr Blaydon. Jackson needed a lie down..

Next walk is a bit further afield (Corbridge) on May 26th.