Sunday, 17 December 2017

Chopwell woods and Christmas dinner

The blogger was away doing other things so did not join the walk this time. A short stroll around Chopwell woods took place. I understand it was somewhat slippy underfoot. . There is a place outside the centre for Life if you want that sort of thing you know!

A pic from Dennis.

In the evening we dined at Petros once again and had a suitably festive time despite a few absences due to winter bugs.

Hurray to Peter & Anne for organising it.

I like to use the candid camera approach
Oh dear- sorry Mary.

Andrea was busy shining light on Frankenstein at the People's theatre but joined us for a quick drink at the end. I'm sure her dress was not that colour!

Next walk is Jan 6th, Craster- a bracing walk to start the new year. I wonder if we will get sea foam again.