Saturday, 22 April 2017

Escomb try-out

Usually after Easter a small group of us do an 'unofficial' try-out of a future walk. On this occasion myself, Andrea, Peter and Anne had a go at a 5.5 mile trek in the Wear valley around Escomb and Witton Park. Unfortunately the guide book was not a model of clarity and we ended up asking at least four locals before we found that we were walking the route in the opposite direction to the guide book. We made it to the village of Escomb and had lunch in the churchyard.

This is one of the oldest churches in England. It was built in the seventh century and is one of only three largely unaltered Anglo-Saxon churches in the country. Although it was left to rot in the 19th century after a new church was built elsewhere it was restored in  1880 and is still in use today. This is all according to Wikipedia.
 Whilst the rest of the country was shivering in the cold winds we had a glorious spring day (again!).

 I forgot to mention Jackson- here he is!

We could really have done with an OS map but I think we have it covered. Sorry there are not many photos but there will be more when we do this as a proper walk. Next outing is the Bellister Woods walk on May 6th - I had better read up on how to photograph bluebells!

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Around the Angel

Only two weeks after Durham, another walk in glorious spring weather. After parking outside the Ravensworth Arms near Lamesley we made for the Angel of the North via a steady climb.

Peter and Alex talking about the good old days (I think)

An out of body experience in one of the tunnels?!
It was curious to see the angel side on so we only saw the silhouette of the body. Unfortunately no pics as it was too far away.

Nearly there...
And for once I am in the picture- nice one Anne!
One of the more interesting picnic spots.
No comment!
A 5 1/2 mile walk rounded off at the Ravensworth arms. Can you see the angel?

Another fine walk . Thank you Andrea. Next Saturday walk is May 8th.