Monday, 24 September 2018

Wolsingham & Tunstall reservoir

Today was a new departure for our group in that it was a Monday outing. Whilst the monthly Saturday walks will continue as normal (next one is last Sat in October)  there are likely to be  weekday walks in future as well.
Some of us (myself included) had not been to Wolsingham before. It is a very pleasant town in the North Pennines but not to be confused with Walsingham in Norfolk which is also pronounced differently. Walsingham has the national shrine of our Lady whilst Wolsingham has a holy Well (which we saw but your photographer did not think to record).
As is so often the case the weather was outstanding- autumnal but bright.
Sadly Andrea and Jackson could not join us but we welcomed a few new strollers as well as folk who have not been able to come for a while.

No we were not waiting for the bus- just working out where the walk starts!

After finding our way out of Wolsingham and a bit of road walking we made it to Tunstall reservoir.

This seemed an excellent spot for lunch but seconds after this photo was taken we had to move quite fast due to a swarm of flies of some description.

Buildings connected with reservoirs always look so solid- this looks like a church but it is not!

Fine views beyond the reservoir

Unfortunately my camera lens does not pick out the blip on the horizon but locals call these the 'elephant trees' because they look like a herd of elephants. You have to be there!

Awaiting instructions...

After negotiating some cows we arrived back in Wolsingham but the pub was closed so we went to a Cafe instead. Apologies for there being fewer snaps than usual - either the camera or photographer was having an off-day. Feel free to send me any pics that you would like adding.

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