Saturday, 27 October 2018

Ovingham revisited

Today we did the same walk as in July but in reverse and a bit extra. The weather was grim as we set off with snow flurries (in October!) but as soon as we arrived at the car park near Prudhoe station it cleared up and we enjoyed a sunny autumnal day- perfect for a woodland stroll.

Having arrived at the lunch venue a bit early the walk leader ie yours truly led folks off on an impromptu and unsuccessful expedition to find the Whittle Dene reservoir (actually there are two). A map would have been useful.

This was our picnic spot.

Sorry about the blurry photo, I had the camera on manual focus for some reason. That is Terry and Sue in the back getting ready to have lunch in a tree trunk. Unfortunately Andrea and Jackson could not come this time.

It was less green than this in Whittle Dene but I am colour blind so perhaps not!

A nice sharp picture taken by Anne.

In the Swan, Ovingham which was decorated for Halloween. Have a look at the July entry for photos of the walk in summer. Next walk November 17th- location to be decided.

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